Keynote Speaker

Steve Riat

Steve Riat is an entertaining and motivating speaker. Steve speaks and facilitates seminars on technology, business growth and Cloud Solutions around the world. Steve has more than two decades of business technology experience with contacts ranging from Microsoft, Intel and other top-tier technology companies. Steve works directly with companies from around the world and brings the best of that back to the Midwest.

Keynote Presentation

Exponential Change

Do you remember when music went portable? The Walkman was revolutionary for its time; finally, you could take your tapes with you! Since the 1980s, portable music has evolved from the Walkman to the Discman, the Apple iPod, the iPhone and now we have our music with us all the time. Computers went from the size of a room to fitting in your hand. TV watching evolved from having 13 channels with a turn switch, to remote control, to the DVR and now we can watch it just by connecting to Wi-Fi. The constant change in technology has created amazing opportunities. We will take a humorous look at the changes through the decades and how these advances impact our everyday lives. We will then take a look into our technology crystal ball to see what advancements we might expect in the next five years – personally, professionally and for our communities.